We all know the story... A Seller has their house on the market, receives a reasonable offer, and starts planning their own move when their Real Estate Agent calls to inform them their Buyers are terminating the agreement due to the home inspection. This scenario doesn't occur often, but it does occur. Sometimes it's due to buyers remorse, deferred maintenance or hidden defects, or a combination of both.

I have seen happen for a variety of reasons, all of them valid. Home Sellers in today's market can use this to their advantage however, by having either a whole home or pest and dry-rot inspection prior to marketing the property. Why? You'll know if there's any issues with your home upfront, reducing the chance of a sale falling apart or negotiating repair credits . You could have minor issues repaired by a contractor, advertise a credit to the Buyer for repairs, or price your house accordingly in "as-is" condition. The older your home is, the more I would recommend having a pre-sale inspection done. Astoria and the North Oregon Coast is a damp climate, and many home Buyers have concerns of dry-rot in the back of their mind when considering an older home. The majority of home buyers tend to over estimate the cost of repairs, which could effect their decision to ask for a larger concession from the Seller or cancel the agreement altogether. If we put ourselves in the shoes of a Buyer, which home would be more appealing.... A home that has already been inspected and has a clean report, right?

Think of the peace of mind you'd have when the prospective Buyers of your home have their own inspection done! No more worries or surprises, or dreading the list of repairs the Buyers might come up with. You keep control of the sale of your home, reducing the chance of having your home off the market with buyers who don't like the inspection, and reducing marketing time.

One thing I'd like to note here: Any Buyer's agent worth their weight would never advise their client to accept a home inspection done by a Seller without having their own. I always advise my clients to have an inspection done by an inspector of their choice, as things can be missed or over-looked the first time.